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    Ron Reiley
    New Groovy Training Available
    Topic posted May 28, 2019 by Ron ReileySilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Planning, Strategic Modeling 
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    New Groovy Training Available
    9 New Oracle By Example (OBE) Tutorials

    We are pleased to announce the availability of the following new Oracle By Example (OBE) tutorials for Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud:

    Introduction to Groovy Business Rules
    Learn about the Groovy scripting language and see how to create a Groovy script in Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud.

    Working with Data Grids and Iterators in Groovy
    Implement Groovy scripts to work with data grids and data grid iterators. You use conditional logic to set the background colors in a data grid, implement performance benchmarking, and set default data values in a grid.

    Moving Dimension Members with Groovy
    Create a Groovy script to work with metadata, in this case, moving a member from one parent to another.

    Moving Modified Data Using Groovy and Smart Push
    Push data from a source location to a target location via Groovy rules.

    Validating Data Entry Values with Groovy
    Implement a Groovy script that validates data entry against allowed ranges stored in a driver cube.

    Adding Dimension Members with Groovy
    Create a Groovy script to work with metadata, in this case, adding a member to a dimension.

    Calculating Modified Data Using Groovy
    Generate a focused calculation script to calculate only data that has been edited, instead of the entire data entry form.

    Integrating Data Between Planning and Strategic Models Using Groovy
    Learn about Strategic Modeling concepts and how to integrate data between strategic models and planning applications using Groovy scripts.

    Creating Groovy Templates
    Create a Groovy template with interactive Design Time Prompts (DTPs).

    The OBEs are available on the Help Center.