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    How-To: Create Supplier Saved Search and Manage Supplier...
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged How-To, Supplier Profile Management 
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    How-To: Create Supplier Saved Search and Manage Supplier Watchlist Items
    Steps to create supplier saved search and manage supplier watchlist

    In managing suppliers for your organization, saved search and watchlist can be handy to improve the efficiency.  Searches for important segments of the supply base can be saved and just one click away after logging into the application.

    • Create saved search to quickly access important suppliers:
      1. From Manage Suppliers page, perform the search using the relevant attributes to retrieve the suppliers that need to be focused on.
      2. Click Save... button.
      3. Name the saved search and optionally check to Run Automatically and/or Set as Default. Click OK to save the changes.
        • Set as Default: The saved search is automatically selected whenever you open this page.
        • Run Automatically: The saved search runs on this page as soon as you select it from the list of saved searches.
      4. Use the Personalize... option in the Saved Search dropdown to rename or delete your saved search when needed.






    • Promote a saved search to watchlist for better visibility and faster navigation
      1. From the Manage Suppliers page, click on Manage Watchlist button (note that since not all manage pages have the Manage Watchlist button, on some manage pages, saved search cannot be promoted to watchlist.)

      2. Check the checkbox to include your saved search to the watchlist and save the change.

      3. Click the flag icon in the global area and user created saved search for suppliers will appear under Suppliers grouping




    • Use preference to hide/show watchlist items: User created saved search/watchlist is user specific.  For both user created watchlist item and predefined watchlist item, user can choose to show and hide them per own preference.
      1. From global menu, select Set Preferences

      2. Click on Watchlist link under General Preferences.

      3. Check or uncheck the box under Enabled column for the watchlist items that you want to change.
      4. Save your change.