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    Nazeer Anantha
    Dependent LOV based Rest API(VBCS)Answered
    Topic posted February 25, 2019 by Nazeer AnanthaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Action Flows, Business Objects, JET, REST, UI, Web 
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    Dependent LOV based Rest API(VBCS)
    Dependent LOV not Working which is based on Rest API(VBCS)

    Hi All,

    I have a REST API. based on REST API, I have created 2 LOV's. which is dependent.

    I can see the data in both the LOV but filter is not working in child LOV.


    I followed same approach based BO for testing purpose. it's working as expected.

    is there any issue in Dependent LOV which is based on REST API. or anything I am missing here.

    can you please tell me. 




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    Shay Shmeltzer

    Define your REST service using the ADF Describe approach example:

    Oracle JET UI on Top of Oracle ADF With Visual Builder



    • John Ceccarelli

      What kind of REST API are you using and how did you define it? 

      • Nazeer Anantha

        My Rest API is /fscmRestApi/resources/ from ERP.


        Created Service connection and on the selection of first LOV value, firing a Single Select Value Change event. In this event mapping the selected value to filterCriteria of second LOV

        Attaching the image for the same. please check once.


    • Shay Shmeltzer

      Does your REST service support filtering? Did you define a transform for it or are you passing in parameters that will actually filter the data?

      If you look at the browser's network tab, do you see a call to your REST being done with the filter parameters?

    • John Ceccarelli

      If you define by calendar or by descriptor document this will work out of the box.