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    Manoj Pote
    Update Item Type on 'Request Non-Catalog Request'...
    Topic posted June 13, 2019 by Manoj PoteBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Requisition Processing, Setup 
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    Update Item Type on 'Request Non-Catalog Request' screen
    Update Item Type on 'Request Non-Catalog Request' screen


    I think currently Oracle does not support changing the Item Type LOV from 'Goods or Services billed by quantity'  or ''Goods or Services billed by amount'  to 'Goods' and 'Services' respectively. But just wanted to put the question out there and validate my understanding. Any validations appreciated.







    • Ashok

      You are correct. These are the only two 'types' supported. Now a smart form is a great tool for you to consider if you desire the flexibility of selecting your own line types. Have you considered using a smart form instead?

    • Jim Van Tongerloo


      I was looking for this questions, since I want to actually remove 1 option from the list.

      Client does not want to use 'Amount Based' line type. So while Smart Forms are a great way to guide them in the right direction, the option on the NCR will still remain available.

      Any idea how this is possible?

    • Ashok

      Hmmm, so you only want to use one type and not the other on an NCR. These are 'hard wired' based on our design belief that these are very basic requirements for any customer (Goods or Services). There is not a way to restrict one or the other from display. Can I ask why this is essential? Also, have you considered using the approvals infrastructure to perhaps reject requisitions that carry the type that you do not wish to use? I believe a combination of Item Source and Line Type might do the trick here. Do let us know if you have tried that and find that it does not work.

      • Jim Van Tongerloo

        Hi Ashok,

        To reply to your questions.
        1) Not a quite essential requirement right now. Client wants to push everyone to use Quantity based. So removing the option to do amount based is the most clear way to steer them the right way.

        2) I have not considered rejecting Amount based lines. I'm sure it works, but not sure we want to go that way.

        Thanks either way.