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    Have Instructors ILT approval change the Session/enrollment...
    Idea posted March 7, 2018 by Eric VanAukenBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited April 30, 2018, tagged Advanced Learning, Assessments/Surveys, Assignments/Gradebook, Categories, Communications, Control Center, Courses/Classes, Dynamic Objects/Group Filters, eCommerce, Enrollments, External Training, ILT, Learning, Learning Object Manager, Prerequisites, Public Sector, Release Communications, Reporting, Resource Manager, Social, Sub Learning Centers, Users, VILT, Workflows 
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    Have Instructors ILT approval change the Session/enrollment end time
    Update the enrollments to end when instructor passes the student and add in an assessment
    Use Case and Business Need:

    Currently enrollments end when the time of the session ends.  That causes many problems.  If you are doing a learning plan that has an enforced sequencing and the session ends at 5 pm at the end of the day (set up that way for the students to understand how long they will be there) then any final exam that is tied to the end of the enrollment will not be able to be accessed until after the session time has ended.  


    What we need is the session date and time to be independent from the completion of the enrollment.   The trigger for the end of the enrollment needs to be when the instructor puts a completion for the enrollment or a flag that acts like that.   


    Also an assessment (not user assessment) needs to be able to be tied to en enrollment.   This would allow the assessment for the enrollment to come up and be presented to the student when the instructor give the student a passed in the enrollment.   The enrollment would need to be able to tied to the end of enrollment like the user assessment is today.


    If those two changes are put in place then enrollments will be able to be used the way that actual classes are run.



    • Eric VanAuken

      Has anyone else run into this problem where you can not do anything else due to sequencing until the session time for the enrollment is completed?   This is very painful.   The trigger to end the enrollment should be when the instructor gives the passing grade. (thus not allow passed to be a default)     If that was done the session dates and times would work for scheduling and aligning people to holding the time for the classroom,  but not limit anything else being done after the classroom.    


      The biggest pain is when you have a test (course) assigned after the enrollment to test the knowledge that was done in the classroom.  If the instructor gets done at 2 pm on the last day but the session says it ends at 5 pm then the people have to wait until 5 pm to take the test.    Yes the instructor could go back in and change the time of the session to say ends at 2 pm but then that is more work and notes go out to everyone that the schedule has changed....etc.   Not a good design.    .


      Better to just have the post status of the enrollment end the enrollment and allow the next thing in the sequence to start.


    • Eric VanAuken

      Please Vote this up as we need to have this work this way vs. how it currently does.    I can not sequence the final exam after the ILT because the ILT closing time changes based on class dynamics.    Also we need to show the beginning and end date of the class so that users can plan their travel accordingly but we need the flexibility to change the end date/hours based on then the instructor gives the final passed grade.


      Maybe create a new type of passed that ends the session time and enrollment time.   Then you can have the best of both worlds

    • LeAnn Gaiser

      Absolutely need this feature.  We can not enforce sequencing when we want to because of this 'catch'. The result is students taking the test before class even starts .   Current set up does not support ILT events.   Uncouple the end time from the availability of the assessment