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    Piyush Bihany
    Updating Location on PO Line not updating Deliver to...
    Topic posted July 29, 2019 by Piyush BihanyGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Orders 
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    Updating Location on PO Line not updating Deliver to Location on all Distributions
    Issue is faced when user is updating the Location on Line level

    When a PO is created and a new line is added to the the same the Location gets picked up from the Default Ship to Location on Header.

    Now for each line, 1 schedule is created and as per business requirement, 1 schedule can have multiple distributions based on the POET and diff Charge accounts.

    Once the PO is approved and in Open status and user wants to change the location on PO line, the same get correctly updated on the PO Line Schedule and the 1st distribution ONLY.
    The Other distribution are not updated with the location which was updated on the PO Line.


    Any pointer on this issue?


    Thanks in Advance :)

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    • Swati Gupta

      Please request the support to log a service request for this issue.




    • Swati Gupta

      Hi Piyush,

      Per the expected functionality, location at higher levels should not be editable unless there’s only one instance at the lower levels. Currently, ship to location is editable in lines table when we have multiple distributions. This will be fixed through bug 30138821. 

      We would like you to log an Idea in Idea labs for allowing mass-edit on lower levels. This will be an enhancement request.