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    Customizing an Attribute as Required in Party Sharing Data...
    Topic posted November 30, 2018 by Piyush SinghGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged How-To, Tip 
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    Customizing an Attribute as Required in Party Sharing Data Model
    Point to consider when configuring an attribute as required in the party sharing data model through Application Composer

    In one of our earlier posts, we shared information about party sharing model. The note also covered points to consider in managing parties under such structure.

    Refer: Party Sharing Impacts and Managing Parties

    In this post, we will cover the impact of using Application Composer to customize a field as required in the central data model that caters to different parties sharing data, including suppliers.

    Application Composer provides customization flexibility in CRM pages. One such customization is to make an attribute required. There are possibilities that this customization will affect supplier flows and result in errors when creating suppliers.

    Therefore, when creating a supplier, if you encounter a required attribute error for attribute that is not available on the UI, you can follow these steps to resolve the issue.

    Root Cause:

    The error shows because of an attribute that is configured as required through Application Composer. You can identify the attribute from the error message too.

    Steps to resolve this error:

    Step 1: Create a new sandbox and set it as active.

    Step 2: Access Application Composer (Navigator > More > Configuration > Application Composer)


    Navigation to Application Composer

    Step 3: Make following selections:

    Application – CRM Cloud

    Objects – Standard Objects > Account > Fields


    Select Account Fields for Standard Objects under CRM Cloud application

    Step 4: On the Fields page, click on the Standard tab and search for the attribute for which the error was shown. For example, if the error was for attribute ‘Fiscal Year End Month’, search for attribute 'Fiscal Year End Month'. The search result will show that the attribute is set as required (Required column shows the flag as enabled). This is the cause for the error when creating the supplier.


    Attribute Fiscal Year End Month is configured as required

    Step 5: Edit the attribute’s property to remove the required constraint and save the change.


    Edit the attribute’s property to remove the required constraint

    Step 6: Publish the sandbox and then try to create the supplier. You will not see the error anymore.