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    Veronica Dumitriu
    Drill Down To Fusion Financial Applications from OTBI ERP...
    Topic posted May 3, 2018 by Veronica DumitriuSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited July 15, 2019, tagged Fusion Financial reporting, OTBI, Reports 
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    Drill Down To Fusion Financial Applications from OTBI ERP Reports
    The purpose of this White Paper is to demonstrate how users can drill from Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) adhoc reports to transaction details in Oracle Fusion Applications


    • Alexey Shtrakhov


    • Maullin Shah

      This is a great doc....Thank u

    • Sam Uhland

      Thanks Veronica !

    • Dhiraj Chhajer

      Invoice ID columns in the document are not available in the subject area. What do we need to do to get them enabled ?

    • Chris Pinto

      That's great Veronica!

    • Subhash Valiveti

      Thanks for the document Veronica.

    • Bibekananda Jena

      This is a great document Veronica, much useful.

    • Phil Stevens

      Hi, We are on release 18b - Have tried to get the action links working, but when i click the hyper-link, the page just opens blank. Have got the roles required to view

      Does anybody have any ideas what could be wrong ?


      • Veronica Dumitriu

        Phil, have you tried different browsers?

      • Alexey Shtrakhov

        tried the same by following the documentation and also got blank page...
        investigating as well..

      • Alexey Shtrakhov

        Hi Phil,

        Got it working.
        My issue was that instead of hiding that InvoiceID column I excluded it from the table.
        So please ensure that you Hide that column and do not Exclude.

        I noticed that when you click the link and just for a sec you can see the populated link... and there I saw that InvoiceId parameter didnt have any value... so then I went to check that part..

        Hopefully you have the same issue and you get it working


        • Phil Stevens

          Hi Alexey,

          I do have the InvoiceID column hidden. When I click the view I can see the link and the InvoiceID parameter is populated, but it just returns a blank page still.

          Again, tried in 3 browsers. Maybe it is some access issue - will check again on the roles.

          Thanks for the response Alexey

          • Alexey Shtrakhov

            yeah.. it can be a role issue.

            One thing I was thinking that to test this issue maybe you can just build your own link, something like this. This will open the view form:


            Then just try with different users by directly inserting this URL in your browser. Like this you avoid the suspect on your report.. but just the issue will be basically the user account you are using.


            • Phil Stevens

              Yeah - that works when I build my own link

              Very strange - will have to look at this further



              • Alexey Shtrakhov

                Good, then it cofirms that you have some issue with report definition.

                i can provide some very simple version which you could try in your instance

            • Nitesh Gupta

              Hi Alexey,


              In our case, even the link created using above format manually is returning blank page. Can you please suggest if there is any other possibility we can check.


              I have tried this using Chrome, Firefox and Edge explorer.




              • angela ahrens

                if Anyone is  blank screen after drilling also check data format  on invoiceId.  I noticed my invoiceID had defaulted decimals and commas.

                changed to number with no decimals and no commas and it worked.   Might be helpful for someone out there.

              • Alexey Shtrakhov

                Hi Nitesh,

                is there some typo in your link?

                yourLink: https://myinstance/fscmUI/faces/deeplink&objType=AP_EDITINVOICE&action=EDIT&objKey=invoiceid=30000001457
                documentation: https://hostname /fscmUI/faces/deeplink?objType=@{1}&action=@{2}&objKey=InvoiceId=@{3}

                Please check this first: character after deeplink


              • Gail Langendorf

                Is the URL correct for the pod?

      • Marybeth Snodgrass

        I found that when copying and pasting the URL straight from the whitepaper into the create action link URL textbox, spaces can inadvertently show up in the URL. For example, when i paste the URL for Create Payment:

        https://hostname/fscmUI/faces/ deeplink? objType=@{1}&action=@{2}

        a space is inserted after "faces/" and "deeplink?", as well as "deeplink?"and "objType="

        This will cause a blank screen to open upon clicking link. Be sure to delete any spaces.

        • Michael Burnett


          Thank you for posting your findings. This was the exact thing that happened to me. I noticed when I watched the URL during the navigation to the application that there was a "20" in front of the Invoice ID which resulted in an invalid value. Once I removed the space, it loaded the page as expected. 

    • Brendan Flanagan


      Whilst the document explains the method well - this is no different to the "Drill back to eBiz" links thart we have been implementing for years - however - the difference with eBiz was that we had access to the source Oracle Forms/OAF pages that needed to be called and could therefore derive the parameters that needed to be passed - and therfore virtually anything in eBiz could be linked to a report/analysis/dashboard.  So - the real question is:

      Do Oracle provide a list of pages/parameters that are "callable" broken down by each functional application?




      • Veronica Dumitriu

        Hi Bren,

        The document is cumulative and each release, as we add more drill-downs, we're going to document more of the supported URLs for each functional application.

        In the overview section, we're going to add a line for when each functionality would become available -- as the document currently only contains AP drill-downs, we have:

        1. Payables Invoices and Payments (Introduced in Rel 13 Update 18B)

        At the beginning of each section there is a table with the functional application URLs and parameters. We're documenting all the supporting ones for the respective application (in this case, AP has 4 supported URLs)

        In 18C, we're going to add a section for GL URLs and progressively, in later releases, we'll add drill-down support for AR, SLA, Fixed Assets, Expenses, etc.


        I hope this helps.



    • Chandra Yerra

      It was a useful document.



    • Veronica Dumitriu

      Document updated to reflect the drill-down to GL UIs introduced in Rel 13 18C.

    • Anil Kola

      Hi Veronica,

       Is it possible to implement the same deep links in SCM Release 13?

    • Brian Burns

      Thanks Veronica,

      Does this feature work when the report is scheduled? I created the analysis for View Invoices, scheduled the report to be delivered in an e-mail in HTML format. The invoice # has a link next to it but when I click that link I get a server can't be found. The link works as expected when I run the report in the report UI and click on the link.

      Thank you!




      • Veronica Dumitriu

        Hi Brian,

        It is not expected for the link from an exported HTML format of the report to work - security context cannot be passed to Fusion UIs. The URL would only work when accessed from a BI report, where the user is logged in to Fusion.





    • Ranjita Mishra

      Hi Veronica.

      It is a really useful white paper.

      I have one query here. Post these additions,  I am just curious to know what is the difference between OTBI & FRS?



      • Veronica Dumitriu

        Hi Ranjita,

        In a nutshell: OTBI is the Transactional Business Intelligence solution on top of Fusion tables data. FRS is primarely Essbase cubes reporting.

        I hope this helps.



    • Veronica Dumitriu

      Cumulative document uploaded to reflect Fixed Assets Drill-Downs introduced in 19A.