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    Improve system by remembering your preferences on filtering...
    Idea posted April 5, 2018 by Eric VanAukenBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited April 30, 2018, tagged Advanced Learning, Assessments/Surveys, Assignments/Gradebook, Categories, Communications, Control Center, Courses/Classes, Dynamic Objects/Group Filters, eCommerce, Enrollments, External Training, ILT, Learning, Learning Object Manager, Prerequisites, Public Sector, Release Communications, Reporting, Resource Manager, Social, Sub Learning Centers, Users, VILT, Workflows 
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    Improve system by remembering your preferences on filtering and what category or grouping you are adding things into
    Improve system by remembering your preferences on filtering and what category or grouping you are adding things into
    Use Case and Business Need:

    One of my biggest frustrations is that when you go to either add in questions or when your in learning plans and have already filtered out the plans your not interested in...etc   The system sets you back to the main screen like your just starting over again


    Thus in adding question you have to select the category.  It would be nice to have it pin the category and pull up the last one used until you change it.  Thus when your adding tons of questions into the system it will eliminate the need to always go back in and search for the category again and again.  This is a MAJOR waste of time and very frustrating.


    When you go in and are working on a few Learning plans or Job Profiles or even Training offerings and you use the filter to limit down what your are working on,   When you go into a learning plan and come back out it resets the filter to nothing and then you have to re-filter it again.  This too is a time suck.


    There are many many many other examples of this in the system.   It is in dire need of updating the logic.   This would save tons of time for each administrator in the system.


    It would really really be nice if the system remembered what you selected and left it that way until you changed it.    You could have the filter stay in effect until you log out of the system.  That would allow for someone to be efficient on what they are working on and have things reset when they leave.


    It could also be a feature that you either turn on or off as a preference in the system..  Thus if some like things to be reset all the time then flip the switch on and have their features reset all of the time.   If other like working efficiently then let them turn off the reset feature..



    • Steven Lema

      You are not alone, not at all... Voted! And found 2 more of these topics.

      • Eric VanAuken

        Thank you Steven,    Those of us in this daily need all the help we can get.    I will look at the others and vote them up as well.

    • Eric VanAuken

      This continues to drive me nuts on a daily basis.   I would be so much more efficient if they fixed this.   Does anyone else have these issues?   If so please vote this up as it needs to be fixed and this should be an easy one to do.