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    Bradley Creado
    CX - Release 12 Security Deep Dive for Oracle Sales Cloud...
    Topic posted January 5, 2017 by Bradley CreadoBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 19, 2017 by Monica CheloneRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Sales Performance Mgmt 
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    CX - Release 12 Security Deep Dive for Oracle Sales Cloud Customers with Pre-upgrade Effort: January 26, 2017, 10 a.m. PT - Submit Questions

    Submit your questions for the CX - Release 12 Security Deep Dive for Oracle Sales Cloud Customers with Pre-upgrade Effort session to have them answered during the live event. Post your questions by posting a new comment to this topic.

    Please submit your questions by Wednesday, January 25, 2017.



    • Justin Scherrer

      We received notification that we've customized predefined security roles or privileges. An implementation partner did our role set up, so we are unsure of exactly what customizations were made. Is Oracle able to provide more detail on what customizations they detected?

    • Shivam Bansal

      We have reviewed guide given in Upgrade Guide for Oracle Sales Cloud Application Security (Doc ID 1989500.1).  On page 5, it says "The copied roles, which include your customizations, are mapped to users, and user profiles no longer display the predefined roles assigned." But on page 13, it says "When the preupgrade script runs, it automatically copies customized predefined privileges. The copies of the customized privileges are available but aren’t mapped to roles. Therefore, if you modified a predefined privilege and want to retain the modification when upgrading to Release 12, you must remove the predefined privilege from the copied version of the role, and add the copied customized privilege to the copied role, as described in the following procedure".

      So, we are not clear if copied roles will have the same functional and data security policies as before or not.

    • Shivam Bansal

      Will copying of roles happen for duty roles only or same will happen or job roles too. If we have modified the Application Role mapping for Job role in APM, will it create new job role too?

    • Shivam Bansal

      What will happen to changes done using Page Composer? If we have used ootb roles for page customization which is now changed, will Oracle make Page Composer changes?

      • Jaya Sridhar

        All modified OOTB Application Job roles will be copied and preserved. Page Composer changes are mapped to enterprise job roles and will not be impacted by the pre-upgrade.



    • Michael Haire
      The pre-upgrade script will copy all modified seeded roles and re-map the auto copied roles to the users. So functionally there will no impact on upgrade. The copied roles will retain all customizations done on the roles.
      However if seeded functional privileges are modified, they will be copied but will not be mapped to the auto copied roles. The modified seeded functional privileges will get reset, however a backup of the modified seeded privilege will available and can be added to the auto copied role.
      We will provide a list of all copied roles, copied privileges to the impacted customers after pre-upgrade and can also provide further assistance and guidance to swap these privileges if needed.