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    Romark George Armor Palaganas
    Transfer interface to another interface
    Topic posted June 25, 2019 by Romark George Armor PalaganasRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Transfer interface to another interface
    Cloning an interface going to another existing interface


    We have a client who decided not to renew the services they're getting from us but the problem is our company has already paid the license for the whole year. Currently, we have 2 interfaces wherein interface1 is from the client that is going out but the license is already paid and interface2 is from the client that's going to expire its license.


    Now we're thinking not to renew interface2's license and just use interface1's since it's already paid. The consequences here is that we need to move everything from interface2 going to interface1.


    Is there going to be a problem doing that idea? Both interfaces uses the console app, End user page, chat capability, and mailboxes.

    Also, is there a way to export the whole interface and just import it to an existing interface?


    Thank you,





    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Hi Rome

      You will need to raise this with Oracle through a service request or your client success manager. Maybe a data migration manager may be able to do this against a fee but it is not something you are able to do yourself.

    • Steve Fangman

      Hello Rome.  It seems you want to merge two interfaces together.  Performing this in one "copy/paste" step is not advised.  You might look closely at the Element Manager feature which allows targeted and controlled export / import of functionality.  Element Manager is often used to promote changes from a development environment to the production environment, but it might also be leveraged in this situation.  Good luck!