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    Ramnarayan Ramachandran
    How to add roles in bulk in HCM/Finance SAAS 18C/19A
    Topic posted February 1, 2019 by Ramnarayan Ramachandran, tagged Financials, HCM, Security 
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    How to add roles in bulk in HCM/Finance SAAS 18C/19A
    Need to add roles in bulk or take backup of user roles and update again for bulk users


    In Saas HCM and Finance 19A or even 18C.IF we have say 50 users and i need the list of all the roles for the users 

    1)To capture all the existing roles for the user,is there a report or table to query and get this ?

    2)If I want to udpate say for example another 10 new roles for these 50 users,Is there an way to do it as a bulk load?instead of manually adding one by one to each user from security console.?

    3)If i want to backup the exisiting roles for 50 users in DEV  and say after a clone in DEV when these vanish,want to put back all the roles for these 50 users,Is there a way to capture ,store and uplaod the same?




    • Thomas Scott


      Regarding the upload of roles, I have used the template in Oracle DocID 2364273.1 to add roles in test domains, and it has worked to add/delete.

      • Ramnarayan Ramachandran

        Hi,Thanks,LEt me check this.

        Is there a way to backup the users and roles for specific list of users and then incase they get deleted ,Can it be reprovisoned by uploading the backup,What is the procedure to do so?

        • Glen Ryen

          Hi Ramnarayan,

          You could write a custom BI Publisher report to extract just the users, roles, and data access sets that you want to back up.  I've previously done that, coding the SQL to output data in the same format as the upload templates so that you can just cut and paste.  End result is a pretty quick user restore process, after a P2T clone.

          Hope that helps,


    • Zoltan Tar


      Use the HDL HCM Data Loader to load person and user data (Worker.dat for persons and User.dat to handle user access, roles after person is already created). Check the Data Exchange UI with HCM Integration Specialist and also please search for HDL documentation on support site - quite lot is available. HDL is only able to handle users whom has association with a person object and only able to handle normal roles, data access assignment is not supported.

      Do not start to use Spreadsheet loader as per actual announcement that is going out soon!

      To download user data actually you need to develop out your own custom report. We have made reports which is producing Worker.dat and User.dat output. You could also check the Data Extract feature under Data Exchange UI, but that is more complex and only exporting a format which is not usable to upload back to the system.

      Other option is to use web services to handle access of users.



      • Thomas Scott

        Hi Zoltan,

        You referenced an announcement noting spreadsheet loader is not going to be an option for the person (worker). Can you please share a link to that documentation? Also, do you have any links to worker HDL recommended fields for worker conversions?



    • Raghavendra Rao

      HI Ram,

      You use HDL for that and metadata for the same is below.


      Thanks and regards

      Raghavendra Rao S

    • Mansur Khalil