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    Neal Fuhler
    Supplier Portal - Supplier Profile Change - Allowing Spend...
    Topic posted June 12, 2019 by Neal FuhlerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged How-To, Setup, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration, Supplier User Account 
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    Supplier Portal - Supplier Profile Change - Allowing Spend Authorized - Payment & Site Changes?
    After pressing Edit button the Payments tab is now hidden. Need suppliers to change Banking information

    I followed Configure Supplier Registration and Profile Change Request documentation found on:

    1. On the Supplier Portal, Company Profile form, when I press the Edit button the Payments tab is hidden. I can view Payment information, but cannot edit. See screen prints.
      • We want to allow suppliers to update Payment method and Banking Route / ACH information.   
    2. The Site tab is never displayed for viewing.

    Note the Spend Authorized configuration is set to Approval Required for changes to: Bank Accounts, Payment Methods and Site Details.

    Root Cause?

    • Am I missing a configuration to enable editing for Payments Methods, Bank Accounts and Site Details?
    • We are using one custom role for external suppliers?  Missing privilege?


    Request Supplier Profile Change

    Supplier Profile Change Requests: Explained

    Supplier users with the Supplier Self Service Administrator job role have the authority to manage supplier profile information.

    Supplier users can request changes to the following parts of a supplier's profile in Supplier Portal:

    • Organization Details (including supplier profile descriptive flexfields)

    • Tax Identifiers

    • Addresses (including supplier address descriptive flexfields)

    • Contacts (including supplier contact descriptive flexfields)

    • Payments (including payment methods and bank accounts)

    • Business Classifications

    • Products and Services

    The Supplier Self Service Administrator predefined job roles provide supplier administrators with the ability to maintain supplier profile information:


    Configuring Entity-level Approval Requirements

    Approvals are configured through the Configure Supplier Registration and Profile Change Request task, Supplier Profile Change Request tab, accessed through the Setup and Maintenance work area.

    You can configure approval requirements for all profile entities, for both prospective and spend authorized suppliers.

    Entities include:

    • Organization Details

    • Contacts

    • Contact User Account

    • Addresses

    • Business Classifications

    • Bank Accounts

    • Payment Methods

    • Products and Services

    • Tax Identifiers

    • Site Details





    • Hong Gao

      To allow making changes to payments information from supplier portal, the user needs to have the Supplier Accounts Receivable Specialist role.  Can you please check if this helps with the issue?



      • Neal Fuhler


        I will test with the modified role.

        Thank you. 


      • Neal Fuhler
        Thank you for your rapid answer.
        Earlier this year we removed the ability for suppliers to choose the seven granular roles. Leaving only one custom role.
        So it appears the custom role needs privileges found in Supplier Accounts Receivable Specialist.
        Testing soon...