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    Donna Brubaker
    Loading Project Costs with an invalid Expenditure Org
    Topic posted October 16, 2019 by Donna BrubakerGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited October 28, 2019, tagged Grants Management, Project Costing, Project Management 
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    Loading Project Costs with an invalid Expenditure Org
    Loading Project Costs with an invalid Expenditure Org is no longer causing an error

    Oracle Cloud Project Costing - Previously when Project Costs were uploaded with a Project/Expenditure Organization that was different than the one associated to the Project/Contract, the user received an error message.  This is no longer happening, Oracle Cloud will now allow costs to be loaded with the incorrect Project/Expenditure Organization.  It appears the Cross Validation Rules are no longer giving an error.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Is this controlled by a configuration setting?




    R13 19C



    • Anandhan Erulappan

      Hello Donna Brubaker,

      We can incur costs from many expenditure organizations in which the project/award/contract belong to. It's an intended behaviour/functionality of the system.



    • Paul Fernandez

      Hi Donna,


      I assume you are referring to the Expenditure Organization value used along with Project/Task/Expenditure Type etc in creating an expenditure. In this process, the expenditure organization value has no relationship whatsoever to the Project/Task Owning organization though some people like to have the same organization. But, for many companies/clients, the expenditure organization can be entirely different and the expenditure can be charged to any expenditure organization available in the LOV. 

      Hope that answers your question/issue.


      • Donna Brubaker

        Thank you Paul.  You are correct, on the Cost Transaction Interface template, this is the expenditure organization and corresponds to the summary organization related to the project.  We have Cross Validation Rules to ensure only valid SubLedger/Projects are used with the various Expenditure Organizations.  In the past, if the SubLedger/Project was not listed under the Expenditure Organization, an error message was received.  Now it seems with the 19C update, this is no longer working.  I have confirmed the cross validation rules are enabled.  I wondered if anyone else has seen a change in the CVR behavior.