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    D Purcell
    Oracle Fusion - Is is possible to allocate budget in the...
    Topic posted April 12, 2019 by D PurcellRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Allocations, Budgetary Control, Financials, General Ledger 
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    Oracle Fusion - Is is possible to allocate budget in the calculation manager tool?
    Is it possible to allocate budget in Fusion with the calculation manager tool

    Hello, we are revisiting how we currently prepare allocations and are trying to find out if we have an option in Fusion to allocate budget using the Calculations Manager tool like we do Actuals?

    I would greatly appreciate feedback from the community.

    Thank you






    • Zoë Read

      Hi Darrell,

      Budget allocation is not supported via Calc Manager. The "Budget" scenario in the GL cube is only for reporting against actuals, you can only change the budget by loading in another budget scenario.

      You might want to look at Planning and Budgeting Cloud for your budget preparation.

      With thanks, Zoë