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    Update 19D Opt-in Expiration Features
    Topic posted November 10, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited November 10, 2019, tagged Setup, Tip 
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    Update 19D Opt-in Expiration Features
    Features that expire in Update 19D

    Customers / Support

    This is a quick tip to remind you that the following features expire in Update 19D that were introduced for Fusion Self Service Procurement in prior updates. 

    Why is this important:

    If your users notice a change in behavior in flows related to these features and ask why, you should be able to explain this change. Note that this is only likely to happen if you have not opted in to these features earlier or are newly implementing Fusion in 19D.

    Ideally, customers and support should review this link to make sure they are well aware of upcoming feature expiration to prepare and ready themselves both in terms of user education and system configuration:

    See screenshot below for the specific features expiring in Update 19D