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    Riccardo Quaglia
    How to prevent changes to a work order
    Topic posted October 27, 2019 by Riccardo QuagliaGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Production Execution, Work Execution 
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    How to prevent changes to a work order
    How to prevent changes to a work order based on a specific status


    we are designing an interface from SCM Cloud to WMS Cloud (Logfire). We also need to cover Manufacturing work orders. We are planning to create a new work order status called 'Interfaced'. Example, once a work order has been interfaced to WMS Cloud, through a REST API we would change the status from Released to 'Interfaced',being this last a user defined status.

    At this point, we would like to prevent updates to the work order. Possibly any update but specifically changes in the planned quantity and in the component list. This is because the work order has been interfaced to WMS, so it could be in execution. We might still allow some roles to update the work order but not all users.

    Is there a way, through page customization (page composer), maybe using expression builder to prevent any change to the work order? As explained, based on the work order status.





    • Sam Napoli

      Good question. I'm interested in this too.

    • Show/Hide RepliesAnonymousposted October 28, 2019
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      • Riccardo Quaglia

        Hi Thierry,

        thanks for your comments. I know the option to introduce a new work order status has been recently introduced in Manufacturing Cloud. You can do it from Manage Work Order Statuses. In my understanding this is just a label, behind it there is still a "system status", in my case would be 'Released'. Hopefully this setup would not create any problem to the rest of SCM Cloud, unless I would not understand where and why to apply it. Of course we are planning to use Global Order Promising and Supply Planning.