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    Atul Kumar
    Create Pick Wave is not releasing all the lines for Transfer...
    Topic posted November 14, 2018 by Atul KumarBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, BI Publisher Reports, Business Intelligence, Business Intelligence - BI, FAQ, How-To, Internal Material Transfer, Intrastat, Inventory & Cost Management Analytics Cloud, Inventory Cloud, Public Sector, SCM, Setup, Supply Chain Financial Orchestration, Supply Chain Orchestration, Tip, White Paper 
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    Create Pick Wave is not releasing all the lines for Transfer Order after 18c upgrade
    Create Pick Wave is not releasing all the lines for Transfer Order

    Recently we have 18c upgrade and post upgrade, we have noticed that Create Pick Wave is just releasing the first line in the transfer order and backorder all other lines of the same transfer order even if there is enough inventory on-hand to fulfill the order line.  We can continue to execute the Create Pick Wave process using the “Backordered” status until all order lines are released. We are facing this issue after 18C upgrade. 

    Please let us know if anyone faced this issue and got resolution or workaround?



    • Lynn Warneka

      If you have a Service Request for this, please share that so we can look into this.  It's not something that the dev team is aware of.  

      • Atul Kumar

        Hi Lynn,

        Please find the SR details below, please let us know if we have any fix or workaround...

        SR 3-18714710401 : 28925126: Create Pick Wave partially releases Transfer Order line and backorders remaining lines


        Atul Kumar

    • Mohanish Mahajan

      Hi Lynn,

      We are facing the same issue for sales order shipments. The details are - 

      SR 3-18936234011 : On Hand quantity is available but still shipment lines is backordered