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    Ziv Rubin
    External POST Request Timeouts
    Topic posted October 22, 2019 by Ziv RubinBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Business Objects, REST, Web 
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    External POST Request Timeouts
    External POST request returning timeout error

    Hi All,

    I created a mid-tier Java app that sends POST requests to my VBCS business object.

    After 30 to 80 requests, its returning "Connection timed out: connect" error. I increased and decreased the connection timeout and read timeout parameters, still no change.

    Consider that I did not have any issues with 500 POST requests using internal VBCS flow functionalities; Are there any limitations of VBCS while making external REST API POST requests? 





    • John Ceccarelli

      Where is the Java mid tier living? Are you sure the requests are getting through your networking layer to the BO REST APIs? If you have basic auth turned on for REST APIs it shouldn't work any differently than from when you're hitting it with Postman.

      • Ziv Rubin

        Hi John,


        Thank you for the response.

        The Java mid-tier app is on a simple Tomcat server.

        I can see the rows created in my BO, so yes, the requests are getting through the networking layer to the BO REST APIs.

        Basic auth is enabled.

        I cannot simulate it in Postman because as I wrote before, I'm performing many requests one after another.




        • Shay Shmeltzer

          Are you connecting to the BOs with basic auth or with the auth token?

          Is the timeout being thrown by a specific REST call? Could it be a call that takes a long time (minutes instead of seconds)?

          • Ziv Rubin

            Hi Shay,

            I hope you are doing good.

            I use the 'basic auth' method and the timeout being thrown randomly while making many simple and single POST requests.

            Thank you,