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    Jeff Jezierski
    R13 Financials: Configurable Email Notifications
    Topic posted December 13, 2017 by Jeff JezierskiBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Expenses, Financials, General Ledger, Payables 
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    R13 Financials: Configurable Email Notifications
    In Financials R13 the workflow approval notifications will be fully editable (vs. R12).

    In the current version of the R13 release notes, Oracle states, "

    You can now use configurable email notification templates for approvals in Expenses, Payables and General
    Ledger. You can either use the predefined templates as delivered, or modify them according to your business
    requirements using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher.
    Has anyone who is implementing R13 Financials viewed and accessed any templates to confirm the workflow notifications are, indeed, fully configurable and/or have an example to share?
    The URL for the R13 Financials release notes:



    • Gloria Escribano-Gutierrez

      Hi Jeff,
      I have worked in the journal email notification project, I can confirm the new email notifications are indeed configurable. One of the highlights of these enhanced email notifications is that if you opt in for this feature you automatically have a predefined "email notification" template ready to fulfill your notifications. This template can be modified to achieve business requirements but I highly recommend you review your new notifications output before considering any changes to them. You can revert back to the classical email notifications by deselecting your opt in at any time.
      Full details on how to opt in, worked examples and general information on how to use the provided templates can be found in the following link:
      Financials Cloud
      Creating Analytics and Reports (Release 13 (update 17D))
      If you want specific information on configurable journal approval notifications you can review this document:
      Chapter 9-Configure Journal Approval Email Notifications

    • Gergana Radoutcheva

      There is also release training available now on

    • Jeff Jezierski

      Thank you. Do you have any contacts who could provide the same for Procurement Domain? This is great info and I'd like to confirm the workflow notifications on our PO side as well.

    • Gergana Radoutcheva

      See Oracle Procurement Cloud Release 13 (update 18A) New Feature Summary.

      Note that there are some additional Financials notifications released in 18A as well: Oracle Financials Cloud Release 13 (update 18A) New Feature Summary. Watch out for the What's New document for more details, it should be published on the Release Readiness page later this month.


      • Prateek Parasar

        Do we still enable them in 19C as in Opt in for this or they are enabled out of the box ? If we do enable , please let me know where do I enable as I don't see any opt in feature option ?

    • Gloria Escribano-Gutierrez

      yes configurable email notifications are still selected by optin and will be default option but it is planned to make it default option in two versions after 20A.

      From 20A there will be an optin option to allow to set the in-app notification to BIP output, currently this is possible via profile option.

      Financials products optin: login with a user with implementation consultant role.

      Setup and Maintenance-> Setup:Financials-> click on View configuration and in the new window select each of the products to display list of optins and there you will find the Configurable email notifications for each of the products.