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    Xena Arcabos
    Replicating Explicit invocation prompt
    Topic posted June 20, 2019 by Xena ArcabosGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Bots, Conversational AI, OMCE, Virtual Assistant 
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    Replicating Explicit invocation prompt

    Hey Guys!

    Is there any other way we can replicate the Explicit invocation prompt of the DA like when a user inputs a phrase into the digital assistant, the digital assistant determines how to route the conversation then a prompt will pop up asking the user if he wants to continue going to that skill. But we only want it within a skill where in switching from intent-to-another intent.

     We are using the action-transition textReceived: "intent" but we want to have a prompt asking the user if he wants to continue going to another intent or remain to the current flow.







    • Grant Ronald

      You should still get the same behaviour if you put the skill inside the DA - are you doing that?

    • Grant Ronald

      There is not way to dynamically switch between intents in the same skill unless you specifically code at each step in the dialog flow to "listen" for a new intent - that is infact what the DA is doing - it should be pretty simple to test - just add your skill to the DA and thats it.