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    Inventory at supplier
    Topic posted April 1, 2018 by AsantingGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud, SCM 
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    Inventory at supplier
    Company need to have a safety stock quantity at the supplier because their own warehouse is not that large. How can do this process in Oracle Cloud?

    A company request to create a safety stock of 1000 items at the supplier B because their own warehouse is not that large.

    These 1000 items should be visible on the inventory balance of A Company in inventory org B.

    The A company need to replenish their own warehouse and request to deliver 100 items of supplier B.

    They will receive the 100 items in their own warehouse in inventory org A.

    The 100 items should be decreased at the inventory balance of supplier B.

    The invoice of supplier B can now be sent for the 100 items.

    How can we do this process in Oracle Inventory Cloud?



    • Lynn Warneka

      Who owns the safety stock in this scenario?  

      As potential workaround -  Can you create an inventory organization representing the supplier. The 1000 units of safety stock will reside at this inventory organization. Min-max planning can be used to replenish the consuming org from the safety stock.

      Creating a separate inventory org for the safety stock would allow visibility to material. Using min-max IMT interorg transfers would allow replenishment from the org with safety stock to the consuming org.

      Other workaround if the supplier owns the goods would be to build a UI that has visibility to the items in the Supplier location.  The supplier could publish balance info.