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    Prakash Velamuri
    Mass update of revenue lines
    Topic posted July 13, 2019 by Prakash VelamuriRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Core SFA 
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    Mass update of revenue lines
    Mass update of revenue lines

    Hi All,

    My customer has many custom fields in revene level and wants to update all these custom fields in one go if he has many revenue lines.

    Any suggetions and ideas to achieve this functionality







    • H D Arunkumar

      Hi Prakash,

      Revenue items shows the revenue items across all opportunities. But revenue lines can only be updated within the context of opportunity, hence mass update is not provided for revenue items in the review revenue items page. Also currently there is no plans to introduce mass update for revenue lines across all opportunities.

      Note that as part of OOB functionality, when a opportunity is updated(either individually or via mass update in application, or via WS/Import),many of the opportunity header values are passed down to the revenue lines.



    • Fernando Paes

      Hi Prakash,

      you can use file import capabilities. You can go to Setup and Maintenance and search for Manage File import Mappings. In there, you will find OOTB templates that can help you to build your own file template. Then in Manage File Import Activities you can execute the import.

      Kind Regards.

    • Vini Rastogi

      Hi Prakash

      As mentioned above by Fernando, Please use file import capability. Also you can explore new import feature in Navigator> import management.

      You need to create a file having fields as below

      Try the import with the following columns.

      a)Single Revenue Line Item associated to Opportunity

      OptyId Name REVN_ID Custom field

      b) Multiple Revenue Line Item associated to Opportunity

      OptyId Name REVN_OptyId REVN_ID Custom field