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    Announcement: New Release of Oracle Digital Assistant is now...
    Topic posted November 28, 2018 by Martin JarvisSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Analytics, Bots, Conversational AI, Messaging 
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    Announcement: New Release of Oracle Digital Assistant is now available !
    Oracle Digital Assistant New Release (18.4.3)

    Oracle Digital Assistant New Release (18.4.3)

    We are delighted to announce that the next major release, 18.4.3, of our AI powered Digital Assistant platform is now available in all OCI data centres (Ashburn, Phoenix, Frankfurt and London). This release represents a major evolution in our service, moving on from 1st generation chatbots to now enabling enterprises to deliver 2nd generation Digital Assistants to their customer and employees.

    Over the coming months, and through our continued engagement with the SaaS teams, our customers will benefit from a growing list of out of the box SaaS Skills, pre-integrated and ready-to-go. Customers will able to combine these SaaS skills with Skills they have developed themselves or adapt the supplied skills to their needs.

    New instances are being provisioned with 18.4.3 now and existing instances are due to be upgraded this week.

    We now have the strongest and most complete Digital Assistant platform in the industry. We know you are going to love this new release.

    Key New Features
    With over 25 new features, this release brings even more innovation to position us as the leading Digital Assistant Platform for the Enterprise. Here are a few of these exciting new features.  Click here for more information on What's New in Oracle Digital Assistant.

    Digital Assistants & Skills
    Rather than having multiple, individual chatbots for your enterprise, a Digital Assistant allows enterprises to deliver multiple services or Skills as if they were a single service, but accessible through multiple channels.

    Skill Insights
    Delivering a superior conversational experience requires on-going monitoring of user activity to assure all dialog flows result in successful completion. Insights includes analytics to allow administrators to monitor, trouble-shoot and enhance the value and performance of their Digital Assistant. It helps them find bot dialog and intent problems and fix them.

    Application Initiated Conversations
    Sometimes it’s not enough to have the customer initiate all the conversations with your skills. You may want your Digital Assistant to initiate a conversation with your user whenever it receives a triggering event from another app—like when a user’s expense report is rejected, for example. 

    Chinese Language Support
    Oracle Digital Assistant now lets you define your intents and custom entities in both English and Simplified Chinese, without having to first configure an auto-translation service. Further languages will be added using this language framework in the future. Whilst we are talking Chinese language support, we added support for the WeChat messenger app too.

    And Much More
    Built in greeting support, Composite bag entities, Dynamic entities, Auto entity disambiguation, WebView component, Skill version & life cycle management, Built in Node.js custom code container, Full 3-legged OAuth, Multi session token refresh, Twillio support (for SMS).