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    keerthi P
    How to fetch the Activity details using SOAP API
    Topic posted October 27, 2017 by keerthi PSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    How to fetch the Activity details using SOAP API

    Hi Team,


    I'm trying to get all the activity ID's based start time and status=accepted using SOAP API. 

    So for this scenario I have taken outbound wsdl of TOA but I am facing challenge from SOAP UI.

    Here is the URL:

    Error details:         Error loading []: java.lang.Exception: Failed to load url;, 0      

    Similarly when I test this URL from browser I’m getting all the methods but issue with SOAP UI.




    • Antonio Carmona


      Please, kindly, mind outbound is the API that OFSC uses to interact with third party systems, as its name states it is used for sending messages out of OFSC.

      I'm able to load the wsdl in a browser but also in the SOAPUI. Could you explain a little bit more about what you are trying to do?