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    Gopal Somani
    Asset Invoice with Project Details
    Topic posted September 9, 2019 by Gopal SomaniRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Payables, Project Costing 
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    Asset Invoice with Project Details
    Asset Invoice with Project Details

    Hi Team,


    Requesting your inputs on below scenario -

    I am entering an AP invoice with 'Asset clearing account' and adding the project related information (Project, Expenditure type, Org, task etc.) I validated and accounted that invoices. Ran Create mass addition. I could see that the invoice got transferred to FA.

    I was expecting that since it is project related invoice, so it should not transfer to FA from payables. It should get transferred to FA by Project.

    Please let me what is wrong here or if my understanding is not correct 

    Please share the relevant document or links.


    Thanks in Advance !



    • Ratna Elete

      It does get transferred to FA when you run create Mass Additions due to Asset Clearing account.

      The integration works 2 ways.

      1.  It can be transferred to Projects by running Import Costs, adding asset/asset details etc. , accounting in final mode, transferring to FA and can be tied back in projects.  You need to run Generate Asset lines and Transfer to FA from projects.  Post the asset in FA after transfer and tie back in Projects.

      2.  It can be transferred to FA directly, create an Asset and assign that asset to Projects in Projects subledger.





    • Gopal Somani

      HI Ratna,


      Thanks for your response. But I am still not clear -

      1. If i have assets clearing account in Payables Invoice and also project details are populated in that invoice then how would it work ? Would it go to fixed assets from Payables when i run create mass addition OR it would to to project and then asset will be created in Fixed Assets from Project.

      Please clarify.


    • Dustin Grabowski

      Asset costs will be sent directly from AP to Fixed Assets OR through a Project Asset, it's mutually exclusive.  The decision is based on the Project associated to the invoice distributions being a 'Capital' project.  I suspect that the project that you are using does not belong to a project type that is enabled for capitalization.

    • Gopal Somani

      Thanks Dustin,

      Here is what is could understood from your explanation -

      If the project is 'Capital Project' then even if the Asset clearing account is populated at invoice distribution still it will not get transferred to fixed assets from Payables. It will be transferred to Projects and then from Projects the assets will be created in Fixed assets.

      Please confirm.

    • Dustin Grabowski

      That's correct.

    • Paul Fernandez


      The AP/PA/FA integration in Fusion Cloud is very similar to what is in EBS. However, the integration is a bit more nuanced based on different criteria.

      The simple answer to your issue 'I was expecting that since it is project related invoice, so it should not transfer to FA from payables. It should get transferred to FA by Project.' is that 'Only if it is a Capital Project, this transaction will not get interfaced to FA from AP. Otherwise, it will.'. It it is Capital Project, it will be interfaced to Projects first and later to FA from Projects.

      There are two columns called PA Addition Flag and Assets Addition Flag in AP Invoice Distributions and the value of those two columns determine how the integration of the records work.

      I have done some research on this issue. You can contact me privately for more details.



    • Rangadham Ayyadevara

      Try Giving CIP clearing Account instead Asset Clearing Account