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    Wayne F
    Auditability of Yearend values
    Topic posted April 11, 2018 by Wayne FSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, last edited April 11, 2018, tagged Balance Sheet, Data Integration, Income Statement 
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    Auditability of Yearend values

    it has taken a long time and a great deal of education with the external auditors to make them convertible and reduce the level of testing the complete on the base data loaded in HFM from the various ledgers.


    The HFM application is a YTD application and we are loading closing balance from the various ledgers the auditors do various tests between the ledger and HFM using FDMEE generated spreadsheets.


    What is the recommended process, with the changes in the data view in FCCS?

    How are we going to be confident that the closing balances in the source ledger equal the closing balances in the source data for FCCS, we have converted the load to be periodic?

    The biggest risk is users opening previous periods and posting additional journals which will be missed until we reach year end



    • Julien Coudrette

      Hi Wayne

      You can load YTD data to FCCS, using the FCCS_YTD_Input.

      Hope that helps.


      • Wayne F

        Thank you for your reply Julien,

        This works for the Balance sheet but not the Profit and Loss, I am encountering the same issue as

        There is another limitation in Data Management that you need to upload twice because you need to hard code the view dimension in the import format. The workaround is to have one location for the movements and one location for the YTD data