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    Deep Link (Direct Link) to Manage Requisitions...
    Topic posted July 22, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited July 22, 2019, tagged Approvals, OTBI 
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    Deep Link (Direct Link) to Manage Requisitions within Fusion Self Service Procurement
    Deep Link (Direct Link) to Manage Requisitions within Fusion Self Service Procurement

    Customers / Support

    I am providing a brief note based on a customer request that I saw recently on this topic.

    Customer Ask:

     In this case, the customer was building an OTBI report on approvals that displayed all requisitions pending approval. The requisition hyperlink in this case was requested to be a deep link to the Manage Requisitions page that lists all pending approval requisitions.


    Development provided a sample deep link as follows:


    https://Provide your URL Instance here/fscmUI/faces/FndOverview?fnd=%252FWEB-INF%252Foracle%252Fapps%252Fprc%252Fpor%252FmanageReq%252Fui%252Fflow%252FManageReqMainAreaFlow.xml%2523ManageReqMainAreaFlow%3BparamInvokedApp%253D%3B%3B%3Bfalse%3B256%3B%3B%3B&fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_my_information_purchase_requisitions



    1. This link needs to be tailored to point to your URL instance

    2. This link embedded will navigate the user provided permissions exist to the applications and on login to the Manage Requisitions page

    3. Most important, it will only take the user to the page as-is. i.e. whatever default saved search is provided. Now if you wanted to navigate to the page with a specific saved search, you have to create it and let that be the default one so it takes you directly to the results from that saved search.




    • Caio Zioli

      Hi Ashok, tks for the post.


      Please, is it possible to have a deep-link to access an specific smart-form ?


      Kind Rgds

    • Ashok

      I need to check Caio. I will revert if I have anything to share.

      Can you share the business requirement here in a bit more detail? What are you looking to do here? From where would you want this link and for what purpose?

      • Caio Zioli

        Tks a lot Ashok ! Appreciate if you can share any findings on it.

        The idea is to use current custom employee portal ( which centralize/redirect access for all applications, not only ERP Cloud)  to redirect the employee to the specific smart forms instead of SelfService Portal home page. 

        Kind Rgds

    • Ashok

      Hi Caio

      So i reviewed your latest requirement internally with the technical experts. The feedback I have received is that it requires a deeper look. Deep links work only the underlying coded task flows support navigating to specific pages. We don't know without further analysis whether this is even feasible. 

      Summary: I will revert if we find a way when development is able to do this additional analysis. Else, please know that this is not a feasible ask at this time.