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    Rich Lines
    Requisition is lost following PO Cancellation
    Topic posted September 7, 2018 by Rich LinesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Fusion, How-To, Orders, Requisition Processing, Tip 
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    Requisition is lost following PO Cancellation
    Created PO has been cancelled prior to final approval - requisition is NOT in Process Requisitions pool.

    We have recently upgraded our environment to Oracle Fusion R13 (from R12).

    I manage a group of buyers who document build requisitions and submit for approval. 

    Previously (in R12 and R11), if a submitted PO was rejected back to the buyer asking for further justification - the buyer would 'Cancel' the purchase order which would in turn return the requisition back in to the pool of requisitions in 'Process Requistions'. The buyer would then 'Return' the requisition asking the preparer to attach required justification and re-submit for approval - thus starting the process again.

    We are now finding that once a created purchase order (not fully approved) is cancelled, the requisition does NOT appear back in Process Requisitions. The purchase order is showing as cancelled (as expected) and the lines on the requisition are stating that 'This line is being processed by the buyer'. 

    As the requisition is NOT in 'Process Requisitions' any longer, we do not know how to get it returned to the preparer OR built in to a purchase order again.

    Does anybody know of steps we can take to find the requisitions we have lost and whether anything has changed between R12 and R13?

    Many thanks indeed.

    Oracle Fusion R13




      Hi Rich,

      Try running the process "Generate Orders" from Purchase Order sub-menu. But run this to specific PR ONLY.



      • Rich Lines

        Hi Vikram,

        Hope you are well.

        I ran this process but it had no effect. The requisition remains 'lost' (not back in document builder) following the original PO being cancelled prior to submission.



    • Balakrishna Chaturvedula


      We faced the same issue. This is a bug with R13. Hope you are on 18A. Fix will be available in 18B. 

      Regards, Bala.

      • Rich Lines

        Hi Bala,

        Thank you for your response. I understand that our upgrade has put us straight on to release 18B.

        I have an SR open with Oracle re: the issue so can ask for their advice on whether the bug should be fixed or not.



        • Balakrishna Chaturvedula

          Thanks Rich. Please let me know. We were hoping for this fix in 18B next month, not sure if the fix is delayed or is not working.

          Regards, Bala.

          • Rich Lines


            I have had an update on this one from Oracle. They have confirmed that it is a known bug (28141554) however the fix is not yet complete. The bug's codefix is still going through Oracle's QA process.