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    Sameer Shaik
    Can we call SOAP web services in VBCS
    Topic posted March 19, 2019 by Sameer ShaikGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Services 
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    Can we call SOAP web services in VBCS
    Can we call SOAP web services in VBCS

    Can we call SOAP web services in VBCS



    • Sanin Thulapparumban

      I guess the answer is No.

    • John Ceccarelli

      No SOAP calls not supported

    • Shay Shmeltzer

      You could hack this if you really want.

      You will need to manually parse the SOAP XML back and forth in your JavaScript code in the app though.

      (You basically define a service connection to the SOAP end point, call it from an action chain, get the response and then manually parse it).

      Frankly, the right approach would be to have a layer on the server that exposes a proper REST API from the SOAP info.

    • Zhi Yan

      Yes, you can if you can get the output using postman. But you need to handle the xml manually using jquery.

      Following is what I did to get a soap response in VBCS

      1. Make a call to the soap using SoapUI and make sure it works.
      2. In the SoapUI request, change to "raw" tab, and get all the http header info, in my case is Content-Type:application/soap+xml; charset=UTF-8 and SOAPAction:""
      3. Get the payload and the URL from SoapUI
      4. Now change to Postman, create a POST to the same URL of SoapUI, manually set up the http headers and paste the payload in body - the xml one, make sure it gets the same response as SoapUI
      5. Since it works in Postman, you can set up the same in VBCS as a Rest Endpoint Service
      6. Create a page function, use jquery(VBCS already has it) to parse the returned xml string
      7. Link step5 and step6 in action chain and you get the output from soap

      Following is an example how to parse the xml string and get 1 element back, you can change it to your own:

      PageModule.prototype.getCustomerName = function (xmlString){
      var customerName = $(xmlString).find("name").text();