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    Mihajlo Belosevic
    Metadata Validation errors
    Topic posted October 15, 2019 by Mihajlo BelosevicRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Consolidation, Dimensions 
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    Metadata Validation errors
    Parent member must be "Never Shared" for Data Storage

    Hello guys,

    We are facing abovementioned errors when we run "Validate Metadata". Error refers to custom dimension members. We are not sure whether this is an error, since we need all of the parent members within the dimension  to be calculated automatically after running the consolidation. These parent member have no more than 20 children. In addition, we have already raised SR regarding problems with test instance, and Oracle team told us that these errors have to fixed so they can continue working on SR. We also have Historic Data (for 2 years) already correctly inputed. Has anyone else faced similar error, what should be done ?

    Thank you all in advance !

    Br, Mihajlo




    • Ligia Olguin

      Hi Mihajlo,

      We had this error in the past. Be sure that the Never Shared is the Data Storage property in Member Properties and Member Formulas.

      Hope this helps.



      • Mihajlo Belosevic

        Hello Ligia,

        Thanks for the answer. I knew that, the problem is I need it to be Dynamic Calc. When i set it to dynamic calc I get error when running Metadata Validation. If I set it to Never Share i won't get my totals automatically.

        Br, Mihajlo