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    Shaswat Patel
    OTM Mobile Application - Possibilities
    Topic posted October 24, 2019 by Shaswat Patel, tagged Transportation Management 
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    OTM Mobile Application - Possibilities
    Requiment for a Driver mobile user, to capture value of shipment refnum. Moreover the shipment refnum value should be list of Values for location IDs.

    How can a driver mobile application user capture the shipment refnum value, while entering the stop events.

    The driver needs to capture a location ID (Not the stop locations of the shipment) may be using reference where the reference will display the list of values for selecting the location ID.

    OTM 19 C



    • Karl Baker

      What would the list of values - location ids -  be based on and what's the driver doing / intending to do once they select one of the Location Ids from the list of values?