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    Ruth Sillman
    Roadmap to remove Adobe Flash from PBCS?
    Topic posted August 17, 2018 by Ruth SillmanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged PBCS 
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    Roadmap to remove Adobe Flash from PBCS?
    Is there a Roadmap for removing all Adobe Flash content from PBCS?

    Is there a Roadmap for removing all Adobe Flash content from PBCS?  Adobe announced its intention to end support for Adobe Flash by the end of 2020.  See article in link below

    We still occasionally get errors with Adobe Flash in PBCS which tells me that all Flash content has not been removed yet.  When this occurs, we have to go into the Add-ons --> Plugins --> Shockwave Flash (more) --> and un-check the Enable Adobe Flash protected mode box. 

    Our security people don't really like us making this setting change - so we would like to know what the Oracle roadmap is to remove Adobe Flash content?

    They suggested in my SR that I post this question here for everyone to see.




    • Mark Rinaldi

      I would have steered you to post it as an Idea so people could vote on it.  As long as it gets created as an enhancement request with a Bug number, anyone who also wants this enhancement should log their own enhancement SR and ask to be associated with the Bug.

      • Ruth Sillman

        Hey Mark,

        I do have an SR open but they told me when I asked for the roadmap to do this (direct quote from the SR):

        May I suggest asking Product management on Customer Connect for road map on Flash?
        Mark R, PM for calc Manager is good at responding there, and I am sure other customers will benefit seeing the answer too