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    Vivek Ghosh
    Printing BIP report file name in error log
    Topic posted June 12, 2019 by Vivek Ghosh, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Reporting 
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    Printing BIP report file name in error log
    We have ESS job scheduling a BIP report. In case of error how can we print the report file in error log name

    We are invoking a BIP report from a  ESS job. In case of error we need to print the file name (generated by BIP) to be printed in error log. Is there a way to do it ? Thanks in advance.



    • Senthilrajan Vaithianathan


      Hope this is a custom ESS process and a custom report.

      Typically you get the error file with name starting with 'ESS_L_'  followed by a 5-6 digit auto generated number, (ESS_L_70370)

      And the number (i.e) 70370 is actually the process Id of a specific ESS Job.

      However this log file shall have fields named as 'RequestId' and 'ReportID'. And the value for ReportID is the name of the report with full path.

      Also you can name the ESS process similar to the name of the Report so the ESS process shall have the report name.