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    Laura Robles
    Password Protect OBIEE Agents
    Topic posted June 18, 2018 by Laura Robles, tagged OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, Report Delivery, Report Output, Reports, Scheduling or Agents 
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    Password Protect OBIEE Agents
    Password Protect OBIEE Agents


    Any ideas on how to protect reports that are scheduled?





    • Shakher Sharma

      Is it a BI Publisher report or an Analysis?

      What is the file type of output (PDF, Excel etc.)?

    • Laura Robles

      This is an analysis and the output is excel.

      • Shakher Sharma

        It is not part of OBIEE standard functionality (should have been though). Please refer to support document 2085767.1.

        Depending on the scenario there might be a solution (with development efforts involved). What exactly is the requirement?

    • Laura Robles

      The purpose would be to protect sensitive information within the report. It would be ideal for the document to be encrypted when sent (every month) and then allow the user to retrieve the information with a password.

      Where can I find the support document you reference?

    • Shakher Sharma

      To get this document, please follow steps below:

      • Login to 
      • In upper-right corner, enter 2085767.1 in the search box and press on magnifying glass icon next to it. It will open the document for you.