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    Tausif Mulla
    Oracle cloud payment format MT101
    Topic posted January 3, 2019 by Tausif MullaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Financials, General Ledger, Payables 
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    Oracle cloud payment format MT101
    Does Oracle Cloud R13 supports MT101 payment format ?

    Hi Guys,

    Please suggest if Release 13 support payment format MT101. If not, is there a workaround in Release 13 ?

    Thanks !

    Tausif Mulla

    Oracle Cloud Financials Release 13



    • Becky Alvarez

      No we don't have the MT101 template but you should be able to download the MT100 or MT103 and customize to your needs.  That is why we do all of our payment files in BI templates so that you can modify to meet your bank's requirements.  If you nee more assistance, you can refer to the Customer Connect presentation I did on November 114th under the Events > Enterprise Resource Planning and scroll the calendar back to November and look for ERP - How to Modify Cloud Payment Files.  You can download the presentation and replay it.  The presentation also has references to My Oracle Support Note that will help guide you further as well.

      Hope that helps.

    • Logan Wacker

      Hi Tausif:

      We've found the MT100 is closest to the MT101 'standard' creating a payment system account you should be able to define the header level swift codes and build the structure needed. We had to make minimal changes to the delivered MT100 RTF to support an MT101 for a US bank during a recent implementation.



      • Tausif Mulla

        Awesome ! Thanks Logan !

        I will try to modify MT100 to see if it fits for MT101 with minimal changes. 

        Thanks again for your response !


        Tausif Mulla