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    Pavol Procka
    Chats through the Genesys Media Bar
    Topic posted November 15, 2018 by Pavol ProckaSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points 
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    Chats through the Genesys Media Bar
    Trouble getting Chats through the Genesys Media Bar


    we are having difficulties getting chats through the Genesys Media bar. They come to RN (we can see them in the Q), but then get assigned to agents through the Oracle chat, not the media bar - if we are not logged in on the Oracle chat, they stay in the Q.

    We talked to the tech support and apparently there are three categories that are needed for an agent to be considered to take chats.

    But when I filtered the agent, there are only 2 out of the 3 categories that are being set. RightNowChat is not being assigned.

    Can anyone advise where/how to set this category?


    Many Thanks