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    Mohammed Azhar
    Enter PO total amount for 5 years where budget is uploaded...
    Topic posted April 24, 2018 by Mohammed AzharRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Fusion, How-To, Orders, Payables 
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    Enter PO total amount for 5 years where budget is uploaded for current year only.


    We wanted to know how to enter PO total amount for 5 or multiple years in Oracle Fusion Purchasing module where budget is uploaded for current year only. PO/Contract is span over in 5 years with Adjustment Order (AO) also.

    We tried to split the amount at PO line level but getting & entering the yearly amount in each line is difficult some time.

    Furthermore, while matching Invoice with PO where lines are split or multiple lines , system is matching the Invoice amount proportionally with each PO line which is not correct.

    Many thanks,



    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Mohammed,

      Currently there is no way to automatically allocate a PO amount across multiple lines, so you have to do it manually. An option you might want to consider is to create the POs using the File Based Data Import (FBDI) template. You mention budget, so I assume you are using budgetary control. If so, Purchasing Cloud will do funds check at PO, submit time so you will need to either load budgets for 5 years, or define a "dummy" control budget (with control level set to none or advisory) for the remaining 4 years. 

      When matching invoices, you can select the PO schedule to which you want to match the invoice, so this should not be an issue.