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    Richard Garsthagen
    iPhone APP to manage OCI
    Topic posted October 15, 2018 by Richard GarsthagenGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited October 15, 2018, tagged Autonomous Database, Autonomous OLTP, Compute 
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    iPhone APP to manage OCI
    Manage OCI from the comfort of your phone

    Hi All,

    I submitted my first iPhone app. With this app you can manage the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from the comfort of your phone! It provides a consolidated view of all your instances across Bare Metal servers, VMs, Database instance and the autonomous services across all regions. In version 1 you can do basic operations like starting, stopping, resetting, but also things like scaling up and down your instances on the fly.

    Link to the App in the Apple App Store:

    You can preview it here:




    • yigen chen

      Thanks so much for this good app in iphone.

      I tried this app in my iphone and it works good.

      but seems tobe have a question.

      it can stop the atp/adw service normally but can't start it again.

      even in the console, I can't start the ATP/ADW instance again.

      but the compute instance can be stop and start normally.

      Would you please help me to confirm it.


      Thanks & Regards


      • Richard Garsthagen

        Hi Yigen,

        There is no know bug with the starting / stopping of ATP/ADW, so my best guess would be related to your service limits. Can you check under the tenancy tap, what limits you have and how much CPUs you still have available for ATP/ADW and check how much CPUs you have enables for ATP/ADW?



    • yigen chen

      Hi Richard

      Thanks for you kindly answers. there are no service limits issue, I create a new ATP instance it work good with your app, but the old ATP/ADW insntace still have  the problem, can't start again even in the console, I think is not your app's problem. I will check it in other ways.

      Thanks again.



      • Richard Garsthagen

        sorry to hear the instance is "stuck". I am pretty sure it have nothing to do with the App, as I just do a normal / official API call, like the Web interface does as well. I would raise an SR for this if I were you.

        You could possible check the audit logs and see if you find an error in there.


    • Durgesh Dewoolkar

      Will there be an android version too? 

      • Richard Garsthagen

        Sorry this is just a hobby project on mine and I have no experience with developing for android. So at least from my side there is no plans for android.