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    Rosario Vigilante
    BIP installation
    Topic posted June 3, 2019 by Rosario Vigilante, last edited June 5, 2019, tagged BI Publisher, Business Intelligence 
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    BIP installation
    Install BI Publisher having installed already Weblogic and RCu in two different server (different IP)

    I don't Know if this is a silly question from me, bt I would like to receive an answer to this:


    Having already installed Forms/rpoerts12 on linux , thereefore




    cause Oracle reports is arrive to deadline

    I have to use BIP

    Now, I ask

    is it possibile install

    JSK, infra and BIP on other linux machine and both WEB logic talking each other


    That when I have to print from Forms12c IT call a rpeorts from BIP, like it do with Oracle reports ?


    Thanks and sorry if it is question








    • Juan Diego Ruiz

      Hi Rosario,

      Yes you can install BIP on a different machine than Forms.

      From Forms version you can specify the host:port on the FORMS_BI_SERVER (set in the Forms Environment Configuration). If your version is prior to that you use the Service Location to specify the full url.

      Here you have all the details about how to integrate Forms with BIP:

      • Oracle Support Document 2235962.1 (How to Call a BI Publisher Report from Forms 12c Using RUN_REPORT_OBJECT) can be found at:

      Hope it helps,

      Juan Diego

    • Rosario Vigilante

      Before all thank you very much Juan

      so I can install on different  linux server  this one for BIP

      1) JDK

      2) Infra (WebLogic)

      3) BIP

      When I have to configure RCU I 'll give IP/hostname of my repository created for FORMS12c (in other Linux)

      Create BI Schemas using RCU utility

      and then

      Create a BI Domain


      configure FORMS_BI_SERVER in formsweb.cfg


      and I can use it (above alla layout designer?


      Is it so Juan?


      thanks in advance