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    Testing before patching with ATP-S(Serverlss)
    Topic posted November 14, 2019 by SHIMPEI YAGYUGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Patching 
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    Testing before patching with ATP-S(Serverlss)

    I'm looking for the way to testing my application to see if there is any nagative impact due to patching before patch is applied  with ATP-S(Serverless) instance.

    In my understanding, ATP-D(Dedicated) allows us to controll  software version,schedule and  which CDB the patch to be applied.

    Does anyone have good idea?



    • Kris Bhanushali

      As of today, you pick a patching schedule for the entire Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure (AEI) and not at a container (CDB) level. In the next few weeks you will be able to patch at a CDB level in dedicated. A good way to test impact of patching is to do a CDB  restart while your workload runs in dedicated. If you have planned your OCPU capacity well then you should see no visible impact of a CDB restart or similarly, a patching operation. 

      A way to test this in serverless is to simulate your workload in a test environment and actually see it go through a patching cycle. Since you do not have control of the underlying CDBs, I don't see another way you can test the impact.



      Thank you for your response, anyway.