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    Jonathan Pelentier
    Automated activity generation - OFSC
    Topic posted January 4, 2018 by Jonathan PelentierGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Automated activity generation - OFSC


    Is it possible within the OFSC, I create activities automatically without the need for integration? With a message scenario setting?

    Customer demand: The customer would like the OFSC to create a customer activity by itself.

    Scenario 1: The technician is in the field performing an activity of the client entity type, and during the execution realized that he has another service to perform in that same client, and would like the activity to be generated by the technician himself.

    Scenario 2: Generating Orders Automatically, would be the same action of creating the activities manually but automatically.

    Thank you




    • Shankar Narayanan

      Hi Jonathan,

      You can create the option of Repeating activity to auto create jobs in OFSC. You need to ensure the feature is enabled for the activity type which you/your customer are trying to autocreate.Also, I believe there is an action link to create an activity from OFSC Mobile available OOTB. If you search with create keyword in the action links in the user type & drop it on the required screen. 



    • Prasanna Kancharla

      Hi Jonathan,

      To add on this for the user type you need to enable ' Self-Assignment -Select this check box to enable this resource to add new activities to his or her
      individual route, while creating this user type.

      Users who can assign activities to themselves cannot be in groups.



    • Prasanna Kancharla
    • Austin Keller

      All of the solutions appear to require a configuration update to the activity or user/resource that is permanent until reconfigured.  Is there a solution for automated creation of an activity and assignment on to the on-call shift resource?

      We do not want our technicians to create activities or self assign under normal circumstances.  When an outage occurs outside of normal hours, the technician manager must log in, create an activity, and assign for the technician.  We want the technician to be self sufficient when on call.

      We would like the technician be able to trigger an activity, scheduled 30 minutes from starting an on-call route, or have the 'Add Activity' action available on the mobile app; when a resource has an on call shift assigned and the current time is within the shift start/stop.