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    Ahmed FathAllah
    Change the Inventory Organization in Open PO
    Topic posted November 9, 2019 by Ahmed FathAllahRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Fusion, Orders 
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    Change the Inventory Organization in Open PO
    Change the Inventory Organization in Open PO

    Many customers want when they issue PO (Approved PO) they can edit it and update the receiving inventory organization. this is very common due to many reasons, one of them is; warehouse capacity issue. Currently, in Oracle Purchasing Fusion, we can't do it. Does anyone face the same issue? The workaround available and suggested by Oracle engineers is:

    split the schedule in the PO
    change the org to the new schedule
    have all quantity for the new org in this new schedule"

    This workaround is not correct because; you can't delete the old schedule or put zero in the quantity field. The only option here is to cancel the old schedule but you must go to the PO line quantity and double it to make it equal to the new schedule and the old canceled schedule quantities laugh

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    • Anand Kand


      You certainly can add a new schedule, save record;  then you can cancel the old schedule. You would also need to update the Subinventory detail on the Distribution, and update the Line quantity; because it would have got zeroed out due to your canceling the old shipments.. Once you can complete these, the document will successfully validate and you can submit the change order without any issues.

      You really don't need to double your line quantities.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Kindest Regards

      Anand Kand

    • Ahmed FathAllah

      yea, but it is still too many steps:

      1. split the schedule

      2. enter the quantity of e new schedule and change the location

      3. cancel the old schedule

      4. update the line quantity 


      imagine an order for 30 lines.