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    Senthilrajan Vaithianathan
    Adding extra filters to Infolets (Order Management -...
    Topic posted July 12, 2019 by Senthilrajan VaithianathanBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited July 15, 2019, tagged Fusion Procurement reporting, Fusion Supply Chain Management reporting, OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, OTBI, Reports 
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    Adding extra filters to Infolets (Order Management - Seeded Infolets)
    Customization of Order Management landing page to filter the Infolets data along with default filter of 'Source System'

    Currently the system allow users to filter and view Infolet data based on the values you can select in 'View By' prompt (Source System) in Order Management landing page, we want to add additional filter criteria's like Buyer, Business Unit, Supplier, Sales Channel etc...


    Oracle Fusion --> Spring Board --> Order Management --> Order Management --> Filter data in Infolets by selecting 'View By' prompt.

    • How to add a new filter in the Order Management landing page to filter the existing infolet data based on 'Sales Channel' similarly like existing filter 'Source System' under 'View By' filter tab?
    • Do we have any other option to filter the Infolet data with these additional filters?
    • Where the Infolets are stored and can we edit those Infolets ?
    Oracle Cloud Application 19B (