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    Matthew Gregory
    Rollover Tax Rates
    Topic posted March 5, 2019 by Matthew GregoryRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited March 5, 2019, tagged Administration, Current Tax, Tax Provision 
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    Rollover Tax Rates
    How to Rollover Prior Year Current Tax Rate & Opening Deferred Rate


    Is there a way to rollover the rates from FY17 P12 to get them to populate as the Prior Year rates and opening rates in FY18 P12?  I do not want to use the Rollover feature as my rates are all final already for all my other 80 entities, I just need to rollover the one entity. I rolled from FY17 P12 to FY18 P01, and the Opening rates are there, however they do not show up for P12, just P01. I needed to add a new entity after I finalized the FY18 P12 provision just to break some items out of another entity. I do not want to mess up the other rates. 



    • Kenneth Kramer

      Please add the rates for the new entity to avoid overwriting updated tax rates.

      Note that tax rate rollover currently copies the tax rates for all entities that are children of FCCS_Total Geography from the period immediately prior to the target month.  For instance, rolling over rates to P02 will copy rates from P01.  Rolling over rates to P01 will copy rates from P12 of the prior year. 

    • Matthew Gregory

      I added the rates in FY17 and rolled over to FY18 P01 for the new entity. The opening rates are correctly showing in P01 of FY18, but no other period. Do i have to roll the rates to each period to populate the opening rates?

    • Denitza Krasteva

      Yes, you have to roll the rates to each period.