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    Lakshay Bhalla
    Escalations is not Working
    Topic posted October 1, 2019 by Lakshay BhallaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
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    Escalations is not Working
    Escalation for Incident.Due Date is not working

    Hi All,

    In my system, i am creating two rules:

    Rule 1:  IF incident.Queue ID = 'XYZ' and Incident.Previous Escalation Level = 'Unspecified'


                  Escalate to 'IT level 1' + 30 Mins relative to Incident. Due Date and Recalculate and Revalidate.


    Rule 2: IF Escalation level = 'IT level 1' and Incident.Previous Escalation Level = 'Unspecified'


                 Execute Object event Handler 'abcd'. //This is just to email about the escalation to the manager of the assigned.


    The problem that i am encountering is that only the rule one is fired. Rule 2 is never fired. I am unable to figure out what could be the possible reason of this not working. I am not able to see anything in audit logs or Rule log. Not even in reports where the incidents escalation level and escalation details are columns.


    Oracle service cloud version 19A and customer portal framework v3.7



    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Since you have recalculate and revalidate on it could change your time, also due date depending on the assigned SLA.

      With revalidate you need to make sure your conditions are still met
      (incident.Queue ID = 'XYZ' and Incident.Previous Escalation Level = 'Unspecified')

      With recalculate, the timer resets everytime your rule gets fired (check the rule log for this)

      Also check which SLA the incident has as you specified rel due date so you know when to expect the escalation


      That said...
      Why not use a scheduled report with an alert for this. A CPM just to send an escalation message seems more than what you need.

      • Lakshay Bhalla

        Hi Sebastiaan,

        The rule is fired only once even if the Incident is updated somehow. And the Due Date field which we are using is a custom Field whose value is set using the category type based on the SLA Custom object. So the Incidents of Category type 'IT-abc' are having due date set to incident. created + 1 Min.

        Ex: Incident created Id=2323 date created = 01/10/2019 11:00 AM then due date(custom field) = 01/10/2019 11:01 AM.

        And can you please elaborate how can i use Scheduled report to alert the managers of the assigned person?

        Thanks for reply..

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      You could create 1 report per manager/business unit. See attached example.
      This would show all incidents that are escalated within the last hour.

      It's a better way as you don't want to spam people with messages for every escalation in the system (may be many when working with many incidents). A report is therefore better as it just gives a summary. The alert makes sure the report is only sent when there are in fact escalations within the last hour.