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    Kathy Miedema
    See the Release 8 User Experience
    Announcement posted July 8, 2014 by Kathy MiedemaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Engagement Cloud, Financials, General, HCM, OAUX, Other, PPM, Procurement, Release, SCM, Talent, Upgrade, UX 
    See the Release 8 User Experience

    Learn about the first examples of a new user experience (UX) design philosophy in Release 8, then get our eBook to build your own simplified UI


    The Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team has new content for you on the simplified UI in Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8. Since, as a research and development team, we often work ahead of where our customers are, we're busy designing Release 10 and beyond right now. But several of our team members paused recently to talk about the work they are most proud of in Release 8. Here, you'll find links to articles, blog posts, and even an eBook. These pieces offer a look at our strategy, what we consider our finest user experience features, and guidelines on how to customize or build your own simplified UI while retaining the Oracle user experience.

    STRATEGY AND ROADMAP: Visit the Usable Apps website to read a new article about a more focused, strategic design philosophy from the Oracle Applications User Experience (UX) team, which Vice President Jeremy Ashley calls “glance, scan, commit,” that is pushing the Oracle user experience forward in “Strategic design philosophy pushes Oracle cloud user experience to lofty new heights. Ashley points to the first examples of that philosophy taking shape in the simplified user interface (UI) of Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8.

    ORACLE HCM CLOUD: So, how is the Oracle HCM Cloud User Experience? In a word, smokin’!  Misha Vaughan writes about the Oracle HCM Cloud user experience and its light-weight interactions, tailored to the task you are trying to accomplish, on the device you are comfortable working with.

    USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN PATTERNS: The Simplified User Interface Design Patterns for the Oracle Applications Cloud eBook  is now easily accessible from the Usable Apps website, as well as the Usable Apps blog. Use it to learn about the user experience design patterns and guidelines used to build the simplified UIs for the Oracle Applications Cloud.  If you are looking to understand how to leverage user experience in PaaS4SaaS – start here.  This free eBook comes from the Oracle Applications User Experience team and McGraw-Hill. Easy-to-follow patterns and color examples from the Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud will have you building your own simplified UIs quickly. Foreword by Oracle UX champions Floyd Teter and Sten Vesterli. 

    MORE ON EXTENSIBILITY: Ultan O’Broin also writes about the extensibility in Release 8 in his blog post, Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8 Customization: Your User Interface, Your Text.

    OTN LATINAMERICA: Oracle UX champion Plinio Arbizu writes about how Oracle can help companies excel in providing efficient, productive, and highly satisfying experiences to their users in a series of articles (in Spanish) about user experience with Application Development Framework (ADF).  He points to the Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience Patterns and Guidelines  and provides a step-by-step tutorial to using UX concepts in ADF programs. For more, start with his first article, “Experiencia de Usuario (UX), la siguiente etapa en la innovación de sus soluciones empresariales.” Links to other articles in the series are located at the bottom of the page.

    PROFIT MAGAZINE:  Oracle Applications User Experience Vice President Jeremy Ashley talks with Profit magazine about one of the driving forces behind the evolving Oracle user experience – simplicity.