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    How to add custom properties to User Options
    Topic posted November 18, 2019 by DHANAPAL GOWDARed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged API / Integration 
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    How to add custom properties to User Options
    Wanted to add custom security fields to User Options form for tech to maintain, but unable to

    Hi Team, There is a requirement to provide flexibility for tech's to maintain credentials for a third party application which tech can access from Mobility. Planning to define two user properties and add them to User Options window. But the properties added are not visible in the User Options visual editor form. May I know if any additional setup to be done to make them visible to the form please. 



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Dhanapal,

      There are too many reason can be. Are you able to modify Option screen? Are you able to use the the new properties on other screens?
      The first thing what I like to propose to read carefully the documentation. IMO the relevant one at this point is



      Hi Zsolt,

      Yes I am able to add custom properties to any other forms except User Options form, the property I created does not even show up on the form, there are other seeded fields available only those we can add to form or update the elements on the form.

      We are upgrading to 19c and 19c document is not updated it seems, because whats given in document does not match with whats available in the screen in 19c. Please see below.

      Document says editor enables to configure Fields, Actions and Special elements. These are no more displayed like this in 19c, all we have is Add New Element panel, atatched 19c visual editor form screen shot for user options.




      • Zsolt Tolgyesi

        The custom property need to be created under "user" entity to make available here.


          Yes I have created under User Entity only.

          • DHANAPAL GOWDA

            In fact there are many other properties created under User entity those too does not show on the form. Also I dont see any information about user form in any documentation on what fields appear and what needs to be done to bring any other custom or seeded property fields.

      • Zsolt Tolgyesi

        If I open my link for the documentation I see it differently:

        Visual Form Editor

        The Visual Form Editor is used to configure context layouts in the Mobility application for each user type. After configuring the context layout, you must select the Allow access to web application check box for each user type to view the context in the application.

        The editor includes an accordion type panel with these options to help you add, edit, and search for elements:
        • Available elements: All the element types that you can use in this context are listed here. To add a new element, drag it from this section and drop it to the desired location on the form. You can also use the search option to search for an element within this section.

        • Data fields: All the data fields that you can use in this context across all element types are listed in this section. Drag an element from this section and drop it to the form, to add the data field with a pre-configured binding to the data source. You can also use the search option to search for a data field within this section.

        • Fields in this layout: All the fields you have used in the layout. Each field has an icon representing the GUI type of the element that is defined when you bind the field to a data source. The features of this section are...



          Yes Zsolt, you are referring to 19d document, I took from 19c document. 19c document does not match with what available in the screen and not sure how is the visual editor screen in 19d. We are working on 19c.