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    Descriptive Flexfield is Deployed but is not visible in the...
    Topic posted September 2, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited September 3, 2018, tagged Create Requisition, FAQ, How-To, Tip 
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    Descriptive Flexfield is Deployed but is not visible in the UI
    How to enable a Descriptive Flexfield and make it visible on the UI for use?

    I have been a bit surprised to see a few posts that all seem to point to the same symptom when working with Descriptive flexfields. I thought it would serve as a good reminder for those that have used flexfields before and a good tip for others that are trying this out for the first time.

    Problem Statement:

    I customize the Edit Requisition page and enable the Descriptive Flexfields that I have created. However when I log in to the page, the descriptive flexfield is not displayed.


    The cases I have seen this issue are ones where the Sandbox deployment was the issue. Here are the sequential steps you have to adopt to view the descriptive flexfields you have enabled on the Edit Requisition page:

    • Create DFF Segment 
    • Deploy the DFF 
    • Log out 
    • Log in 
    • Create a new sandbox and use it 
    • Enable the DFF 

    Now you should be able to see it. 

    NOTE:  All sandboxes created before a new DFF deployment won't be able to make the new segments visible you added in the deployment, even if the DFF structure is available during customization. A new sandbox is a must.