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    Austin Keller
    Copy Image with Geolocation to new activity
    Topic posted August 19, 2019 by Austin KellerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Mapping, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
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    Copy Image with Geolocation to new activity
    Technicians create service requests for Contruction/Maintenance. Required picture of site with geolocations for maint activity.


    We are requiring our technicians to take a picture of a site (with geolocation) when suspending a job for service requested from construction or maintenance departments.  Our middleware will create a new activity when the service request is triggered, but we cannot identify how to load the image geolocation into the new activity as xcoord/ycoord.  We are pulling the location of the activity when a technician is starting and completing, but sometimes a service request is created for a down pole at the intersection or down the street. We want the image geolocation to be applied to the activity created due to a service request.


    Thanks, Austin T Keller

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